Web3 news, June 29: DAO raises money for abortion rights groups, celebrities step up web3 game

COWGIRLDAO pledges to donate $3M to abortion rights group

Molly Dickson, an artist and co-founder of COWGIRLDAO, was deeply disturbed by the news of the leaked draft of the Supreme Court’s opinion over Roe v. Wade in May and decided to act. She launched a COWGIRLDAO and a 10,000 NFT collection to help abortion rights groups.

Today, Blockworks reported the DAO partnered with an on-chain philanthropy platform Endaoment and pledged to donate $3 million from the NFT collection sales “when they have been fully minted.”

“I think we’re seeing less neutrality [in Web3] in the last few days, which I think it’s great because there’s so much potential for Web3 to be an additional level of fundraising beyond what we have already,” Molly Dickson shared with Blockworks.

HTC metaverse phone will have NFT and crypto wallet

New HTC Desire 22 Pro phone dubbed “Viverse” is designed to be a “metaverse platform.” The device will contain an NFT and crypto wallet compatible with  Ethereum and Polygon-based assets and a Viverse app that will let users buy NFTs in a marketplace.

KPMG launches metaverse collaboration hub, plans to invest $30M in web3 experience

US and Canada entities of an accounting firm KPMG are stepping into the web3 space with their latest investment and new metaverse collaboration hub. 

The metaverse hub is set to become a space for employees, clients, and communities to collaborate.

“Launching a collaborative space in the metaverse is a natural evolution in our journey as an innovation-driven firm. The world has changed drastically over the last few years, and our people and clients are interested in exploring new ways of working. This offers them a new immersive space to exchange ideas,” said CEO and senior partner at KPMG Canada, Elio Luongo.

The KPMG’s entities are also planning to invest $30 million in Web3 experiences, with the metaverse “hub” being the “signature piece.”

Kevin Hart and his entertainment company HARTBEAT make a web3 play

An actor and comedian Kevin Hart is launching an original special, “Confessions from the Hart,” on the Roku channel on Wednesday, July 6, and the show will be followed by bonus content in the metaverse after. The metaverse experience is provided by Moonwalk and Virtua.

Fans will have access to the animated special, along with bonus content in the Kevin Hart Nation Metaverse Screening Room. 

HARTBEAT is also planning an NFT collection that will become available on July 7. According to the official website, the NFTs will “unlock new content, access, and community.”

Image: Aiden Frazier via Unsplash

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