Top 6 NFT data platforms

It’s hard to underestimate the importance of data today. The more we know, the better decisions we make, right? And we have a list of NFT data platforms for your informed decision-making.

1. NonFungible

NonFungible is a news and analytics platform that provides the opportunity to monitor the NFT ecosystem, decentralized asset transactions in real-time on the Ethereum blockchain, the sales history of any asset or project.

The platform’s services include the Market Tracker, NFT projects data, NFT market reports, and a newsletter.

2. Check My NFT

Check My NFT is an NFT site that tracks the reliability of the provider. An open-source project, where anyone can propose a change, allows one to track where their NFTs are stored.

3. DappRadar

One of the biggest data analysis platforms, DappRadar, provides an overwhelming amount of data related to NFT trading volume, sales, and marketplaces. There’s also a portfolio tracker feature that allows monitoring of Ethereum wallets, including tokens and NFTs.

4. NFT OnChained

NFT OnChained keeps track of NFT market data, rarity, and traits, along with current fair value, using machine learning. The platform’s main feature is Screener, which shows the “currently most underpriced NFTs across all tracked collections,” according to the description.

5. helps perform NFT analysis based on its services: Real Time Floor & Volume, Wallet Analysis, Token Breakdown, Trending Projects, and others. The platform offers a premium subscription with the history and price of every NFT.

6. Dune

Dune is a portfolio tracker, which lets its users create dashboards with different assets, including NFTs, DeFi and other digital assets.

Image: Stephen Dawson via Unsplash

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