Web3, June 10: Jack Dorsey’s Web5 venture and Meta’s virtual social space

Jack Dorsey’s new Bitcoin venture TBD plans to build “Web 5”

Jack Dorsey’s “extra decentralized” TBD has announced  today it’s going to focus its efforts on building a decentralized Web platform. 

According to the official site, it aims to “put you in control of your data and identity,” describing itself as “Web5.”

Jack Dorsey first announced the Bitcoin-focused venture last spring. 

[T]his will likely be our most important contribution to the internet,” Dorsey shared his excitement.

Meta to release metaverse social space Horizon Home on Quest 2 next week

Meta’s Zuckerburg announced today that a web social space, Horizon Home, will become available on the Quest 2 next week. Users will access the space through the virtual reality headset, where they will be able to invite friends and spend time together.

They’ll be able to walk around Horizon Worlds, its social platform, play games together, watch videos and even enjoy 360-degree footage, the feature Meta’s founder showcased with a famous climber Alex Honnold.

Horizon Home is a part of Meta’s new philosophy promoting virtual interaction and social networking in the metaverse, as the social media platform has shifted its business towards that direction.

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