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Global Creatives Society launches with fanfare

Global Creatives Society call
Some of the creatives on the Zoom call to discuss a new project spotlighting NFT photographers.

New creator-focused project is building a platform for emerging talents

A group of creatives have been working for some time on a new project for the Web3 space called the Global Creatives Society. Today we rolled it out on a Zoom call with about 30 NFT photographers — and the reaction was overwhelmingly positive.

The goal of the Global Creatives Society is simple: to support the livelihoods of Web3 creatives around the globe, from photographers to artists, from musicians to authors and others. And we’re doing so by building a platform for creatives to connect them with new fans and collectors — starting with an NFT marketplace and discovery hub we’re just starting to map out that cuts across different networks and blockchains.

So far the key organizations involved in the new project are the Artists & Creatives Foundation, which will be issuing a community token in the second half of 2022, and Amberfi, a technology solution that’s out to provide the missing trust layer in Web3 by reducing the amount of fraud permeating the sector.

portrait by barbara davidson
A work from Barbara Davidson’s “A Portrait of Pandemic Evidence” collection on OpenSea.

Looking to partner with DAOs and creator organizations

The Global Creatives Society will be presenting to different cohorts of creatives and creator-focused groups in the coming weeks, with Zoom calls with photographers, Caribbean artists, art gallery owners, DAOs, cause organizations and others. Today’s session, though, was all about NFT photography and the new creative outlets that Web3 has opened up. Barbara Davidson of Los Angeles and Scott Strazzante of the San Francisco Chronicle — both Pulitzer Prize winners and co-hosts of the NFT photography channel reFramed in Twitter Spaces — led the conversation about building a grassroots community of photographers who can help shape the scope and shape of this new platform for connecting creatives with fans and collectors. Whlie we didn’t get into a deep discussion about what kinds of photographs work well as NFTs — that will come later — we did cover a lot of the benefits of collaborating as creatives in giving voice to talents underrepresented in other NFT marketplaces. For instance, select members of the Global Creatives Society will receive:

  • free mints for a certain number of their works
  • an airdrop of community tokens
  • the ability to stand up a birds-of-a-feather NFT marketplace — say, a marketplace for nature photographers, sports photographers or portrait photographers
  • the ability to mint their works with a new NFT 2.0 protocol that provides protection to the underlying high-fidelity digital asset, reducing the ability of fraudsters to rip off a photograph and pass it off as their own.

In addition, the Artists & Creatives Foundation will also be devising a grants program to help elevate creatives from across the world with an emphasis on Latin America, Africa, the Caribbean and Asia along with works by underrepresented voices including women, people of color, lgbtq+, adaptive individuals and the mental health community. Amberfi will help administer it with input from the community.

How to join the Global Creatives

Of course, the society is open to all creatives, not just photographers. And unlike a lot of Web3 projects that are cost prohibitive to join, there’s no cost to joining the Global Creatives Society … just a willingness to collaborate and offer ideas. Interested? You can join:

Or reach out with any questions to [email protected]. Because, as we said on the call, we are all on this journey together — and we’re stronger together.

Images at top from Scott Strazzante’s StrazzPix collection on OpenSea.

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