Web 3 news, June 13: Positive outlook on NFT market amidst the crypto crash

While the crypto market is experiencing a sharp fall, NFT trading volume is, surprisingly, on the rise.

Kevin O’Leary believes in NFTs’ greatest potential 

Shark Tank investor Kevin O’Leary thinks that NFTs’ greatest potential lies in “the authentication of physical assets.” He proved his point by making a video (which will later be used as “the shoot of the shoot”), where he explained his point of view. 

“<..>I’m going to cut this video of the shoot of the shoot, make it short, and incorporate it in the NFT so whoever buys the other prints is going to get the history of the making of this image, which is what I think NFTs should do. They should authenticate, but also give you the background of it,” the investor said. 

 Earlier this year, O’Leary called himself “a huge believer in NFTs, adding that “billions and billions of dollars of institutional capital that wants to go to work [into NFTs].”

Arizona State University wants to have classes in metaverse

Arizona State University wants to have classes in metaverse, Josh Gerber, an attorney that has helped celebrities, shared that. According to the official filings, the educational institution has applied for trademarks in “NFTs for event tickets and artwork of campus landmarks,” “NFTs for video of sports highlights,” and classes in a “virtual environment” – seven different applications overall.

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