Universal Studios gets into NFTs for user engagement

Far from digital art, innovative use cases are generally regarded to be the future of NFTs. They help create a direct link between the digital world and real world solutions. This approach to the deployment of NFTs is beginning to attract businesses that are seeking innovative ways to engage and retain their customers.

Universal Studios is one of the latest companies seeking to deploy NFTs to keep their users engaged and entertained. In a recent announcement, the filming company stated its intentions to try out a halloween-themed NFT scavenger hunt at its parks in California and Florida.

A new customer experience

NFT could be a vital tool for improved customer experience

Universal Studios aims to use NFT as a new source of attraction by creating a scavenger hunt adventure where users will be tasked with finding hidden QR codes that could be scanned to mint an NFT. 

Seven such codes will be hidden in each park and it is expected that 7 million NFTs will be minted by the end of October 2022. Additionally, users who are able to locate and scan all seven NFTs at a park will receive a special NFT which could then be used to unlock more perks.

A unique marketing approach

NFT helps brands to engage and retain customers

From a marketing standpoint, the creative use of NFTs by Universal Studios further shows how NFTs could be deployed by brands and organizations for customer engagement, retention, and the collection of vital customer data.

First, NFTs could help Universal Studios increase the rate of customer engagement as more users could seek to explore how the entire adventure pans out. This could also help increase customers’ Life-Time Value (LTV) through retention. It could also be a quality source of customer information and insights which could be used to improve offerings in the future.


Universal Studios’ approach to NFT shows how brands can use them to create unique experiences for their customers while collecting valuable information that could further contribute to improved service offerings, new customer acquisitions, and customer retention.

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