Web3 news: May 20: Biggest NFT conference, DAO for women and LGBTQ community, NFTs for vaccinated teens

DAO raises $4.5 million to challenge male dominance, support women, LGBTQ

UnicornDAO, formed by Nadya Tolokonnikova, a founder of a Russian feminist activist band, John Caldwell and Rebecca Lamis, in March 2022, has raised $4.5 million and bought $1.4 million worth of art to support artists that come from minority groups, including women and members of LGBTQ community.

The list of investors includes a famous artist Beeple, singer Sia, a fintech startup MoonPay, Yuga Labs, World of Women, Polygon, Tribute Labs, Wave Financial, Big Sky Partners, Quantum and many more. The current DAO members are entrepreneur Guy Oseary, Beeple, Sia and Grimes, who donated her recent music video to the DAO.

The idea behind UnicornDAO is to support the artists who need it the most. It plans to do so through its partnership with an infrastructure provider Moonpay, which will help creators become a part of the DAO.

“Girls are just taught from their childhood that they’re not supposed to be technical. So they just never ended up in places where people adopted crypto early. There are not really a lot of female whales,” said Nadya Tolokonnikova, explaining the goals for UnicornDAO.

Gary Vee to host one of the biggest NFT events 

An entrepreneur and social media influencer Gary Vaynerchuk, who also goes by Gary Vee, is hosting the VeeCon NFT conference this week in Minneapolis, and he has a lot to say about digital collectibles.

Speaking to Decrypt, Vaynerchuk admitted that since the moment he stepped into the NFT space, he wanted to “throw a super conference,” and as the show is expected to have around 10,000 attendees, it looks like he was able to pull this off.

“Right from the beginning of VeeFriends, I knew that I wanted to show the world that NFTs were more than just a collectible,” the entrepreneur described his event.

“It’s a culmination of what happens digitally—it’s almost like summer camp,” Vee added.

Major celebrities, including Snoop Dogg, Pharrell, Beeple, Eva Longoria and Mila Kunis, are expected to appear at the event. The entire list of entertainers at the conference has 150 names on it.

Vaccinated teens become the face of NFTs in Chicago

The Chicago government is taking a step towards getting as many teenagers vaccinated as possible, and they’re using technology to do it.

Young people who get vaccinated against COVID-19 will have an opportunity to have their portrait minted on an NFT. They will then be able to either keep it to themselves or sell it.

This campaign is done in partnership with the Face Forward Project, multimedia platform VAST and a musician Keith Harris, who will be donating excerpts from his work.

The Market Minute

It looks like the crypto market can’t make up its mind about what direction to take. After an upwards movement it saw yesterday, the capitalization went down by 2.45%. Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency, has lost 2.89% and is trading at $29,302, and Ethereum, the biggest altcoin, is standing at $1,968 with a 2% loss over the past 24 hours.

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