Web3 news, May 16: Spotify, Danny Trejo, Twitch’s co-founder new company

After the week the crypto industry had, many are coming to the new week with hopes for better news and numbers. 

Spotify is testing new NFT feature 

Spotify will let its users promote their NFTs in an upcoming trial run. The platform’s artists will be able to showcase their NFTs, while only some US-based users will have access to them. The music streaming service, however, will not be hosting digital collectibles; it will redirect users to the marketplaces where they are sold. Spotify is said not to receive any payments for redirecting during the trial.

While getting ready for the NFT feature release, the company apparently wants to know what the users generally think about digital collectibles. According to The Block, Spotify has been sending out questionnaires and “even offering some people compensation for chats with team members about users’ attitudes toward NFTs and Web3.”

Andreesen Horowitz, Pantera Capital lead funding round for Twitch co-founder’s Web3 company

Major investment firms, including Andreesen Horowitz, Pantera Capital and FTX Ventures, have participated in a $24 million funding round for a Web3 company Metatheory.

Metatheory was founded by a Twitch co-founder Kevin Lin is using NFTs for its primary project, DuskBreakers.

“After stepping away from Twitch to explore what’s next in the industry, I truly believe blockchain will open the door to even more possibilities and have a major impact in the gaming, storytelling and community building space,” said Lin.

Danny Trejo launches ‘The Many Faces of Trejo’ NFT collection

Danny Trejo, a Hollywood actor famous for his roles in movies like Heat, Desperado and many others, is launching a collection of 10,000 NFTs called “The Many Faces of Trejo” in partnership with Epik Prime. 

“Working with Epik has been an awesome collaboration. This partnership is an opportunity to engage with fans on a different level”, said the actor.

The NFTs, the first part of which has been released today, provide access to several metaverses, video games and Danny Trejo’s merchandise. Today’s offering, 16 animated avatars, celebrates Trejo’s 78th birthday and is available at a starting price of $780.

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