Web3 news, June 9: NFT tracking platform from former Robinhood COO, Anthony Hopkins’s interest in digital art, ‘Cryptoys’ from Mattel

NFT tracking platform led by former Robinhood Crypto COO raises $8 million

Christine Brown, the first COO of Robinhood Crypto, along with the former head of mobile at Venmo, Chris Maddern, has announced an $8 million seed round led by Crypto.com, B Capital, 6th Man Ventures and others for their new NFT venture, Floor.

Floor is a “token-gated experience” NFT portfolio tracking platform launched in October 2021. With the funds raised, the team plans to grow the product beyond just a token-gated community and build new value for token holders.”

The platform seems to have gathered good feedback for its user experience.

Anthony Hopkins wants to buy NFT, asks Jimmy Fallon, Snoop Dogg for advice

The Oscar-winning actor has changed his Twitter name to an Ethereum Name Service (ENS) name, AHopkins.eth, and acknowledged the beauty of non-fungible tokens. And then he asked what NFT art he should buy, citing a TV host Jimmy Fallon, rapper Snoop Dogg and actress Reese Witherspoon for a recommendation.

The Silence of the Lambs star received a reply from Fallon, who complimented his photo. “I love your pondering photo. There [are] a bunch of great artists out there and it’s a fun community in general. But, as the great Aaron Neville once said ‘I don’t know much – but I know I love you.’ And that may be all you need to know. DM me,” the TV host wrote.

Hopkins is an early adopter of the NFTs in films, starring in an NFT Film called Zero Contact, which was released last year.

Mattel plans to build ‘NFT-native digital toy company,’ release ‘Cryptoys’

Matter, a global toy company, is aiming to build “an NFT-native digital toy company from the ground up” in collaboration with a web3 company OnChain Studios. Mattel plans to develop an NFT platform “Cryptoys,” which will be a customizable collectible on the Flow blockchain.

The upcoming platform is backed by Andreessen Horowitz, Dapper Lab, CoinFund and others.

“We see incredible opportunity in the metaverse for our cherished brands and iconic IP,” Richard Dickson, Mattel President and COO, commented on their plans.

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