These 4 NFT projects try to save the environment

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have proven themselves to be more than just art or an investment opportunity. They might also be an incentive to do something good, helping the environment, for instance. Some projects use NFTs to draw attention to extinct species, and others plant trees with every NFT purchase, but they all certainly try to make a difference.


KRebels is a charity-focused DAO NFT project whose goal is to prevent koalas from extinction. The project has created 1,009 artworks of Koalas that can be turned into NFTs.

The platform is a self-governed community, where everyone who mints an NFT receives a Krebels coin, which gives them voting powers.

KRebels is also an International Fund for Animal Welfare partner, pledged to donate 5% of its sales, along with $50,000.

Official website:
Twitter: @the_KRebels


Tokenpuss aims to raise awareness about the platypus, a mammal based in Australia that is on the verge of extinction.

The project plans to do so by incentivizing gamers to collect and play their platypus-shaped NFTs, the collection of which – 5,555 NFTs – was launched in December 2021. 

Tokenpuss is supported and has been advertised by celebrities such as Jason Derulo, Bow Wow, Chantell Jeffries, Lil Pump, and others, and is said to donate 10% of the profits directly to Australian wildlife conservation. 

Official website:
Twitter: @tokenpuss  

Non Fungible Trees

Non Fungible Trees is a multi-chain NFT project that consists of 11,000 “unique generative trees living on multiple blockchains,” created by a South Korean digital art studio CS LIM.

According to the official website, each minted NFT accounts for 11 real trees planted and “reflected as a trait on the NFT tree.” And with every secondary sale, 1% of its sale value will contribute to planting more trees, thus contributing even more to the environment.

The project lives on three different blockchains –– Polygon Network, Huobi ECO Chain, BLOCKv Protocol, which allows for transfer from and to different blockchains that support interoperability. 

Official website:
Twitter: @cslim_aiart 


TrashPiles is a charity NFT project built on Solana that wants to make the world cleaner.

According to the team, they plan to donate $100,000 to the TeamSeas ocean-cleanup organization, with further donations from the sales on secondary marketplaces. 

TrashPiles claims it will be removing “100,000 pounds of trash and waste from beaches and waterways around the world” with the initial donation.

Official website:
Twitter: @TheTrashPiles

Image: Jon Tyson via Unsplash

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