Neville Hobson, Advisor – Meet The Amberfi Team Edition

Neville Hobson

Catherine Ross-Mychka
Lead journalist

Choosing the right communication channel is essential for every brand. But what is the most efficient platform for communication with your audience these days? And how to define your audience in the first place?

Neville Hobson is a seasoned PR and communication leader with years of experience and a passion for podcasts (he has three of them!). As he puts it, he was there at the beginning of the dot-com era and is now very excited to be at the inception stage of the web3 world, or “the wild west,” as he calls it.

Neville believes that despite the plethora of choices social media platforms offer, companies should be very careful when deciding where to spend their time, efforts, and marketing dollars (or cryptocurrencies), as not quite all of them might be as beneficial for your brand as you think. He also shares how to build relationships with journalists to make sure your company gets media attention.

Check our conversation with Neville about the best PR strategies, communication tactics, and the possibilities of web3.

Neville’s Twitter: @jangles

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