Highstreet and 8-Bit’s Jonathan Koon partner to launch retail store in metaverse

Highstreet, a commerce-centered metaverse, has partnered with Jonathan Koon, a founder of a luxury brand 8-Bit By Mostly Heard Rarely Seen, to provide a “phygital” experience to their customers. This is where we bridge digital and physical assets in Web3, so strap in, everyone!

The collaboration will result in a launch of a “phygital” retail store in the metaverse on August 1, with the items available both online and offline. 

8-Bit’s streetwear will have QR codes embedded in the items, which will provide access to the metaverse, where the customers who bought the streetwear will be able to create digital versions of themselves wearing 8-Bit apparel. The users will also be rewarded with HIGH tokens, the native currency of Highstreet World, that grant access to other features in the metaverse. Cool factor level 500 reached!

“Highstreet and Jonathan Koon are after the metaverse’s holy grail: To lead anyone, anywhere into the metaverse in a smooth, natural way. Every participant’s avatar will be an extension of their real-world self,” CEO and co-founder of Highstreet Travis Wu commented on the partnership.

Jonathan Koon is very optimistic about the opportunity this collaboration brings. “Our partnership enables people to enjoy the best looks on the street and within Highstreet World. Wearing a piece by 8-Bit is more than just a fashion statement — it’s now a way for newcomers to dip their toes into the metaverse,” they added.

We are excited to see what else they have in store for the phygital world. Stay tuned for more!


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