Ellyse Amelia, Director of Marketing and Community – Meet The Amberfi Team Edition

Ellyse Amelia
Director of Marketing and Community

Catherine Ross-Mychka
Lead journalist

Building a community is no easy task. Building a loyal and happy community that interacts with your brand on a regular basis is even harder. You have to be able to cut through the noise, stand out, be persistent and honest and use proper channels and platforms to do all of it.

Ellyse Amelia, Amberfi’s Director of Marketing and Community, is a marketing wizard with years of experience building brands – international, non-profit, web3. This allowed her to try to learn the world of marketing and communities in and out, try out different strategies, and now know exactly what works and what doesn’t.

Check our conversation with Ellyse on what it takes to grow a web3 brand today, the do’s and don’t of marketing, and what the world of web3 has to offer.

Ellyse’s Twitter: @EllyseAmelia 

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