What is cryptocurrency?

In simple terms, a cryptocurrency is a digital form of money, a digital asset representing a store of value. It is a decentralized currency built on blockchain. A cryptocurrency is:  Decentralized Encrypted Recorded and verified on a blockchain Not controlled by any government or other authority The first-ever (and the biggest one by market capitalization) […]

What is a blockchain?

The word “blockchain” seems to be everywhere these days. Everyone, from the biggest corporations like IBM to small startups, is jumping on the blockchain bandwagon, trying to leverage the best of it for their products and clients. And even though the technology might look confusing from the outside, it really isn’t, and here’s our guide […]

WTF (What the Fungible)?

NFTs are taking over the Internet by storm, but what are they? (Solana Boss Bulls Club) The word NFT is an abbreviation for the term Non-Fungible Token. Tokens are not to be mistaken with currency because they are one-of-a-kind assets similar to Pokemon cards or other collectors items. Nevertheless, similar to cryptocurrency, tokens are cryptographic, […]

Is Investing in NFTs the Right Choice for You?

In short, there’s no way to truly know just yet. However, if you are an entrepreneur, artist, creator, or gamer it makes sense to be extremely curious. There is definitely not enough evidence just yet to support whether or not NFTs are a profitable long-term investment and each individual has a unique financial situation, nevertheless, […]

Markets, Robinhood, Getty Images: Web3 news, May 17

Robinhood announces Web3 wallet launch Robinhood, apparently, can’t stay away from non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the market share it has to offer. The zero commission trading app is building a rival to MetaMask, a Web3 wallet that will allow its users to hold NFTs and will be connected to various marketplaces. The wallet will be […]

Web3 news, May 16: Spotify, Danny Trejo, Twitch’s co-founder new company

After the week the crypto industry had, many are coming to the new week with hopes for better news and numbers.  Spotify is testing new NFT feature  Spotify will let its users promote their NFTs in an upcoming trial run. The platform’s artists will be able to showcase their NFTs, while only some US-based users […]

Web3 news of the day: May 5, 2022

They say Thursday is a little Friday, but in the NFT market every day is a working day. Here’s what this Thursday has brought. New Ethereum NFT project to donate all proceedings to Ukraine’s non-profits The Russian invasion of Ukraine is still ongoing, and a lot of projects try to help in any way they […]

CI Global launches an ETF to track metaverse companies’ performance


Canada’s biggest investment company CI Global Asset Management (CI GAM), has launched an exchange-traded fund (ETF) that will be monitoring the performance of metaverse-related companies. The CI Galaxy Metaverse ETF, launched along with another ETF, the CI Galaxy Blockchain ETF, began trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange on May 3. The ETFs will be tracking the indices […]