NFTs that stood out at NFT NYC 2022

Here are some of the most eye-catching NFTs that spanned the middle floors of the Marriott Marquis, site of the NFT NYC 2022 conference on non-fungible tokens.

The big banks’ war against crypto


The banks are colluding against MoonPay, a benign cryptocurrency exchange, by declining any form of credit card payment. But crypto is enough to raise red flags. Still.

Global Creatives Society launches with fanfare

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New creator-focused project is building a platform for emerging talents A group of creatives have been working for some time on a new project for the Web3 space called the Global Creatives Society. Today we rolled it out on a Zoom call with about 30 NFT photographers — and the reaction was overwhelmingly positive. The […]

Photo gallery of Permissionless 2022


As often happens, much of the activity at the DeFi/Web3/NFT conference Permissionless took place off the main stage. Here are some of the sights from last week’s three-day gathering in West Palm Beach, Fla.: Related • Speakers on stage at Permissionless (photo gallery)

Protecting yourself from fraud when buying an NFT

  Clearly, we are still in the early Wild West days of crypto, blockchain and NFTs, as last week’s implosion of the Terra Luna token (and its marketwide fallout) made plain. But for every misstep, a course correction generally follows. It’s no different in the area of intellectual property rights, which was given short shrift […]