Amberfi interview with Serotonin’s Ian Leviness at Permissionless

The web3 community is filled with amazing people who create, build, and inspire. And we’re excited to be publishing a series of conversations with people we’ve interacted with at different events.

Meet Ian Leviness, content manager at Serotonin, who is also an Advisor for Amberfi and was key to its creation. We talked to them at Permissionless.

Haley: I’m here today with Ian Leviness from Serotonin, and I’m going to ask him a few questions about Serotonin and what exactly his role is in the company and in the web3 and crypto space. 

Ian: Serotonin is a full-scale web3 marketing agency started by Amanda Cassatt, and we provide services everywhere, from branding to product development to content marketing community growth. Basically, everything related to marketing. We help web2 brands bridge to web3 and figure out what they can do there, and we help web3 brands bridge backward to the masses. 

And as to how I got involved [with the company], Everett Muzzy, who is the VP of content there, contacted me and said he was reading some of my stuff, so we got connected. And the rest is history.

Haley: So cool! And what did you do before Serotonin, if you don’t mind me asking?

Ian: Oh, I don’t mind at all! I built my way up from writing one article at a time every day for all sorts of different crypto clients to working for a few major exchanges like Norwegian Block Exchange (shout out to Kat over there!), and Bitpanda (shout out to Rafael, who is now doing his own thing! And now, I moved forward from that to consulting and Serotonin.

Haley: You’re also advising Amberfi! So can you tell us a little bit more about your role with Amberfi. How did you get involved with us, and why are you passionate about working with us in this advisory position?

Ian: That’s another interesting thing. I would say, roughly 14 months ago,

JD [Amberfi’s co-founder and CEO] and I met on Medium because he read one of my articles and said, “Hey, I have an idea that aligns with this. Let’s talk.” We got to talking from day one about everything crypto and everything JD was interested in, and that built upward into Amberfi. I’ve been an advisor since then. Love the team, love the vision, and for me, what’s special about Amperfi is they’re the first NFT solution that truly prioritizes creators with everything. It’s that simple for me.

Haley: Thank you so much! And what do you see for your own future?

Ian: I’d like to be more involved in DAOs, so Everett and I are talking about that at Serotonin, and I’m talking to a lot of people about that. 

Haley: Great! DAOs are a great opportunity for so many people in this space. And how can people find you on the web and learn more about Serotonin or just you in general?

Ian: Well, first of all, I’m an open guy, and I connect with a lot of people. My Twitter handle is @ExpatCrypto3 – that’s the easiest place to find me. As for Serotonin, just search, that’s our website, and you can find us on Twitter as well.

Watch the full interview here

Haley: Awesome! My last question is about you in the space in general. I know that you’ve been in the crypto and NFT space for some time. Do you have any advice for people who might be new or who are feeling stuck when there’s downtimes, or things aren’t going as well as they had planned? How would you motivate them, or do you have the advice to give them to keep going?

Ian: That’s a great question. [I have] three-fold advice there. Number one: Zoom out. Never look at anything in the short term. Just like in Chris Dickson’s presentation yesterday at the conference. If you zoom out to about a three to five-year horizon, you’ll see that the crypto markets are actually orderly, and they are steadily growing [* the interview was taken before the market crash in June 2022].

Second, find a mentor or [even] more than one mentor who’s been there for a while and doesn’t just tell you to buy into random things.

Third, educate yourself as much as possible. From day one, I’ve been reading everything and listening to everything. I can get my hands on to develop my own opinions.

Haley: Well, thank you so much! It was great hearing your perspective and your opinions on things and just getting to hear your story, more about Serotonin, and also how you plan on giving advice to not just Amberfi, but people in general, who are in this feast, who could look up to you as health mentors.

Ian: Thank you so much. Happy to do that anytime! 

Haley: Thank you!

Check the full interview on our YouTube channel!


More about Serotonin

Serotonin is a full-stack marketing agency and product studio for Web3.

Twitter: @serotonin_hq

Image: Sam McGhee via Unsplash

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