Amberfi interview with MetaMask’s Nicole Adarme

The web3 community is filled with amazing people who create, build and inspire. And we’re excited to be publishing a series of conversations with people we’ve interacted with at different events.

Meet Nicole Adarme, the head of institutional marketing at MetaMask.

Haley: Hi, everybody! I am Haley, and I am here with Nicole from MetaMask. We’re going to talk about her and what she’s doing in the web3 space. 

Nicole: I’ve been in the web3 space for almost four years at MetaMask. I lead institutional marketing, which is the version of the wallet that is built for organizations.

Haley: Awesome! And how have you guys changed as a brand since you started in the space?

Nicole: MetaMask is being built by ConsenSys, and ConsenSys was a completely different company four years ago. We were doing a lot of different things. We were incubating almost 50 different blockchain startups. Since then, we’ve grown up so much as a company and as a brand: we really started to put our weight behind the products we think will bring the ecosystem to the next step. And one of those products is MetaMask.

Haley: Awesome! I know this might seem like a biased question, but I want to ask you why you feel like MetaMask is better than other wallets or the ones it competes with?

Nicole: I think MetaMask is so much more than just a wallet. It’s the way everyone is able to interact with the entire web3 ecosystem, whether you’re looking into DeFi, trading NFTs, or want to participate in the metaverse. MetaMask allows you to do all those things, so it’s much more than the traditional scope of what a wallet would be.

Haley: Now, let’s talk a little bit more about safety. Do you know what measures MetaMask is taking to ensure safety for their customers?

Nicole: Sure! There are different product teams within MetaMask, and they’re all working toward increasing the safety for every single person who wants to interact in the ecosystem.

One of the things that we’re doing –– and there are a lot of things –– but one of them is the fact that we’re really working on education. It’s all about bringing people through the onboarding journey in a way that’s understandable and easy to follow so that they understand how important it is, for example, to keep your secret recovery phrase secret, they understand the importance of the responsibility of switching from web2 where you have a [different] sign-in for every single different platform.

Haley: That’s such an awesome answer! What would be your advice for newbies when they set up a wallet, or they don’t know how to do it. How could they get started with MetaMask? 

Nicole: I’ll speak from personal experience here. I’m not going to talk about just the brand and what exactly we’re doing, but something I found really helpful was onboarding documents and entry into the space guides. I think it’s good to have a good foundation, but also, I’d say it’s really important to try it, even though you’re making mistakes with very small amounts [of assets] if you’re trying things and really just learning through [personal experience] rather than just reading endlessly before actually being able to participate.

The magic of what we’re doing is that everybody has the ability to participate. There are no real barriers to entry other than what effort you’re able to put into it.

Haley: That’s a unique perspective, thank you so much! So just dive in, Nicole says, right?

Nicole: Dive in carefully, responsibly. 

Haley: My last question for you is, what is the future or what is coming next for MetaMask? 

Nicole: This answer will be very biased because I lead the institutional product, and we have a lot of things coming for organizations.

Our mission within the institutional wallet is to be able to bridge all kinds of organizations into DeFi and web3. And what we’re doing in that regard is we’re partnering with different custodians, we’re adding on features for compliance and monitoring and reporting, so organizations are able to participate in the ecosystem. We’ve got a lot coming up on that side of the product, including a portfolio dashboard where they can see everything, all the transaction histories, and weighted returns. 

Haley: Thank you so much, Nicole, that concludes my questions for you. It was such a pleasure to interview you. It seemed like your friends at ConsenSys had so many good things to say about you. Thank you so much!

Nicole: Thank you!

About MetaMask

MetaMask is a hot wallet that enables users to access the Web 3 ecosystem of decentralized applications, available as a smartphone app or web browser extension.

Twitter: @MetaMask

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