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A galaxy of NFT resources

We’ll be honest: Part of our motivation for providing resources and directories to the NFT community is so that we can stay on top of what’s happening in this fast-moving space. As a former journalist, it’s easy for me to synthesize information from sources that often seem to speak an alien tongue and translate it into everyday English.

So while we’re lining up funding for Digital Culture Works, we’re also learning. There is no one-stop shop for everything NFT, though there are several places where you can find high-quality, reliable information as traditional media outlets try to catch up.

Here’s our latest rollout (I almost said drop): a new NFT resources directory. We decided to create this as a page rather than a post here in WordPress because we want to treat this as a living resource that we’ll be constantly adding to and updating. It contains:

  • The top NFT marketplaces
  • Other NFT marketplaces of note (there are a lot!)
  • Leading virtual worlds using blockchain
  • Crypto tools of note (especially for those just starting out)

What’s clear is that these are early days, with most of these marketplaces coming online or ramping up just in the past year or so. While virtual worlds have been with us for a while (I devoted an entire chapter to Second Life in my ahead-of-its-time book Darknet), those will take a while to mature while much of the attention this year will be devoted to building out NFT markets and platforms beyond the early experiments with digital art. (I’ve got a few ideas.)

NFT glossary & events calendar

Here are some other resources we’ve put together for NFT buffs, whether you’re a creator or a collector:

  • An NFT glossary to get acquainted with the often dense lingo
  • An NFT events roundup that took a lot of time to pull together. Last week’s Boston Blockchain Week event was a monumental success, and we’re looking forward to upcoming events such as the EY Global Blockchain Summit on May 18-21, Consensus 2021 on May 24-27, the Global DeFi Summit on June 24 and lots more. And, of course, NFT.NYC in the fall.

Coming soon: A roundup of podcasts you don’t want to miss to gain a deeper understanding of the NFT space. Anything else you’d like to know about? Drop us a line and we’ll look into it!

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