Opinion: Adding the trust layer to the NFT space

One word I see mentioned frequently about NFTs and marketplaces is trust. You’ve probably seen an article (or 20) where the word is usually prefaced with lack thereof,  distrust, or untrustworthy. If you think about it, it isn’t really surprising that such labels stick in light of persistent scandals that characterize this landscape in which […]

The big banks’ war against crypto


The banks are colluding against MoonPay, a benign cryptocurrency exchange, by declining any form of credit card payment. But crypto is enough to raise red flags. Still.

Amberfi interview with Yale PhD student Eliza Riley Oak

The web3 community is filled with amazing people who create, build and inspire. And we’re excited to be publishing a series of conversations with people we’ve interacted with at different events. Meet Eliza Riley Oak, a Ph.D. student at Yale University, who we talked to at Permissionless 2022. Haley: Hello, everybody, I’m here with Eliza […]

How to choose and protect your NFTs

2021 was an unprecedented year for non-fungible tokens (NFTs). According to Bloomberg, the market cap for digital collectibles reached $40 billion last year, with artists like Beeple selling their art for as much as $69 million.  But with the rise in interest towards non-fungible tokens, the number of scams and rug pulls around NFTs has […]

Protecting yourself from fraud when buying an NFT

  Clearly, we are still in the early Wild West days of crypto, blockchain and NFTs, as last week’s implosion of the Terra Luna token (and its marketwide fallout) made plain. But for every misstep, a course correction generally follows. It’s no different in the area of intellectual property rights, which was given short shrift […]