About JD Lasica (‘Token Joe’)

JD Lasica

J.D., aka Token Joe, is a serial entrepreneur, high-tech thriller author and photographer. He’s the co-founder of Amberfi, a venture seeking to empower the creative community and to make NFTs more trustworthy and accessible.

In 2012 J.D. spoke at the United Nations about how to use social tools to combat global poverty. He has also spoken at South by Southwest (three times), Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Cambridge, and at the Cannes Film Festival.

His previous startups include Authors A.I., BingeBooks and Cruiseable.

Fun fact: J.D. has photographed more than 20 Olympic swimmers—including Michael Phelps—as a credentialed sports photographer. 

Interests: NFTs, fiction, adventure travel, photojournalism, Caribbean culture, art, chess, tech innovation.