with intellectual property
protections for your
brand project drop company

An all-in-one platform to build, brand, mint,
securely store, and process payments for NFTs

An all-in-one platform to build, brand, mint, securely store, and process payments for NFTs

$ 0 Billion

NFT sales volume

in 2021

$ 0 Billion

NFT market projection

by 2025

$ 0 Billion

Wallets created for NFTs

in 2021

The Amberfi Advantage

Ease, speed,
and affordability
of development

Develop your direct-to consumer NFT market in minutes with ZERO development fees.

*Amberfi only charges a small fee to buyers of your NFT

IP protection features
+ authentication

Amberfi is the main preventative solution for protecting intellectual property rights, helping reduce piracy and fraud.


A checkout experience that’s a breeze. Consumers new to NFTs can purchase in a familiar way using a credit card or cryptocurrency.

No-code solution + mobile
optimized storefronts

Pre-built templates allow you to quickly deploy your NFT storefront, and customizable options provide better control over your customer experience. We’ve built all the tools you need, so you can focus on building your business.


Gain actionable insights from visitor and transactional data that help share your content and conversion strategies.


Leverage smart contracts to simplify and automate your marketing & loyalty programs.

Our services

The easiest way to launch your NFT marketplace. Stand up a site in minutes with no development skills necessary. We’ll guide you through a simple process to upload content, select licensing rights, and deploy an NFT program quickly so you can focus on what’s important for growing your brand.


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Need something a bit more custom? Our software development kit (SDK) provides your developers code to deploy into your website, metaverse, or game application. Benefit from Amberfi’s marketplace features but with a more customized brand experience.


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Nobody likes a rug pull, and that’s why Amberfi authenticates the brands, persons, and goods involved in order to create trusted transactions for all parties. We label these authenticated parties with an “Amberfi Verified” checkmark to ensure a safe space where customers can make informed decisions. 

We’re leading the next generation of digital collectibles to allow for protection of your intellectual property, enforcement of royalties, and the ability to add dynamic perks for NFT holders. Our technology also allows for more diverse genres of content, from art, music, and game assets, to physical items and full-length feature films.

Not everybody understands how to navigate crypto wallets, which is why we developed an experience more akin to traditional eCommerce. Sign in flexibly using social accounts like Google, or with your preferred non-custodial wallet. Make purchases in a familiar way with traditional credit cards or cryptocurrency.

Amberfi smart contracts are fully audited and verified by industry leading firms. This ensures proper function, support and security for every transaction on our platform.

Sell to millions of avid collectors

Feature art, music, and game assets to event tickets, feature films, or fashion.
Contact us to discover how collectible digital assets can be used in your brands.

What sets us apart?

Merchant focused

We collect feedback from our merchants and help innovate features on the back-end to bring powerful insights, customization tools, and merchandising enhancements with you in mind.

Brand anatomy

We give you complete control over your own marketplace, with audited and verified security solutions that will encrypt and protect your intellectual property.

Eco-friendly blockchains

We’re all about sustainability. We work with carbon-neutral blockchains that protect the environment — and sustain the planet.

Our Team

Our team is filled with veteran technologists, designers, artists, and digital marketers from across five continents.

Focus on Social Causes

Social good is in our blood. Part of all client service payments goes into our Foundation Account to fuel investments in social, environmental and economic well-being.

Trusted Investors & Banking

We’re backed by some of the largest and most trusted organizations in Web3, bringing integrity and growth through these partnerships across the digital landscape.

Industry-leading partners