Neville Hobson, Advisor – Meet The Amberfi Team Edition

Neville Hobson Advisor Amberfi Catherine Ross-Mychka Lead journalist Amberfi Choosing the right communication channel is essential for every brand. But what is the most efficient platform for communication with your audience these days? And how to define your audience in the first place? Neville Hobson is a seasoned PR and communication leader with years of […]

Royalties for music fans, metaverse in esports, Mr. Bean’s NFTs: Web3 news, May 12

While crypto traders might be preoccupied with the market’s recent volatility, the NFT space keeps growing and welcoming more artists and partnerships. Chainsmokers becomes the first music band to share royalties with fans through NFTs  The music duo The Chainsmokers is releasing their new music album “So Far, So Good” on Friday, May 13, which […]

Web3 news of the day: May 6, 2022

Here is the news the Web3 world has brought us this Friday. Google Cloud joins the Web3 world Google Cloud vice president Amit Zavery announced to employees in an email on Friday that the  cloud computing division has formed a Web3 team. Their main focus will be on back-end services for developers creating Web3 applications, […]

Amberfi to host special Web3 event for women during Permissionless

Despite the fact the crypto industry is considered to be as inclusive as it gets, women are still underrepresented in the space. In 2019, women made up only 4-6% of the individuals hovering in the crypto world. And even though with the popularity of cryptocurrencies, the number of people involved with the industry is growing, […]

Web3 news of the day: May 4, 2022

It’s another Wednesday in the NFT world and here are the most interesting stories of today. Elon Musk puts Bored Apes ‘fungible’ NFT collage as a Twitter profile pic A billionaire, Tesla founder and meme enthusiast Elon Musk has changed his profile to an NFT collage of the popular series of NFT Bored Ape Yacht […]