Here’s what happened in Web3 world last week (Aug 1-5)

After the last couple of months we had, a slow news week is a good thing. I wouldn’t call the previous week ‘slow’ for the crypto industry, especially given the Solana hack incident, but for the web3 world, it was quite (let’s call it) “leisurely.” Tiffany & Co. CryptoPunks NFT collection sells out in 20 min, makes […]

Neville Hobson, Advisor – Meet The Amberfi Team Edition

Neville Hobson Advisor Amberfi Catherine Ross-Mychka Lead journalist Amberfi Choosing the right communication channel is essential for every brand. But what is the most efficient platform for communication with your audience these days? And how to define your audience in the first place? Neville Hobson is a seasoned PR and communication leader with years of […]

Web3 news, July 8: It’s all about Polygon this week

It looks like Polygon has taken over the web3 world this week with major headlines circling around the network and its ecosystem.  Reddit releases Polygon-built NFT avatars collection A social media and forum platform, Reddit has announced the launch of an NFT collection Collectibles Avatars that will be hosted on Polygon’s blockchain. Reddit, in partnership […]