Opinion: Will NFT games go mainstream?

I’ve been a gamer since I was a young kid, growing up with Nintendo products and begging for every new console during the holidays. Few things beat the memory of competing at Mario Kart with family and friends. The rise in game quality has taken us from pixelated classics to shockingly realistic graphics today. However, […]

Kevin Whalen, Director of Business Development – Meet The Amberfi Team Edition

Education: Marketing, Northern Michigan University Role: Director, Business Development Location: Southern California   Born and raised in Illinois, Kevin graduated from Northern Michigan University, where he studied marketing and advertising. And then, as he puts it, his work took him all over the US map.  Kevin is a director of business development and partnerships on […]

Web3 news of the day: May 6, 2022

Here is the news the Web3 world has brought us this Friday. Google Cloud joins the Web3 world Google Cloud vice president Amit Zavery announced to employees in an email on Friday that the  cloud computing division has formed a Web3 team. Their main focus will be on back-end services for developers creating Web3 applications, […]