About SuLyn Silbar (‘Soooz’)

SuLyn Silbar

Soooz brings a wealth of experience and leadership to the space. Soooz ran her own successful business in NYC for years, one of the most competitive markets in the world. Now, she combines her arsenal of experience with a love of learning to crush the ever-changing Web3 world.

Soooz has been a devoted student of crypto and Web3 since 2020. She’s been a community curator at Hug.xyz since February 2022, where she has connected with countless new artists and NFT projects and sharpened her community and curation skills. Recently, Soooz has been a community manager for Excellerate, working on NFT projects.

Hobbies: Community building, NFTs, being extroverted, snowboarding, hiking, oenophile , and travel.