NFT marketplaces with IP protection for your brand

All-in-one solution to easily build, brand, mint and process payment in one place

Own your own marketplace

Amberfi is strengthening the digital economy by creating secure, trustworthy and verified commerce experiences. Create your own online storefront and begin selling NFT merchandise in a matter of minutes.

Need something tailored to your current online presence? We’ve got you covered with our Guardian SDK — a development kit that plugs right into your existing brand site with the same intellectual property protections and authentication tools.

The average third-party marketplace today is crowded, rigid and provides limited protections for your digital work. See why major brands and merchants are trusting Amberfi to develop their direct-to-consumer NFT experience.

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What sets us apart?


We give you complete control over your own marketplace, with audited and verified security solutions that will encrypt and protect your intellectual property.

Eco-Friendly BlockchaiNS

We’re all about sustainability. We work with carbon-neutral blockchains that protect the environment — and sustain the planet.

Merchant Focused

We collect feedback from our merchants and help innovate features on the back-end to bring powerful insights, customization tools, and merchandising enhancements with you in mind.

Trusted Investors & Backing

We’re backed by some of the largest and most trusted organizations in Web3, bringing integrity and growth through these partnerships across the digital landscape.

Focus on Social Causes

Social good is in our blood. Part of all client service payments goes into our Foundation Account to fuel investments in social, environmental and economic well-being.

Our Team

Our team is filled with veteran technologists, designers, artists and digital marketers from across five continents.
sell anything
NFTs can range from art, music and game assets to event tickets, full-length movies or fashion products

Build the legacy you want to see

You may not be early, but you are certainly not late. The digital economy is in its early days, and you are in the right place to explore what Web3 can bring to your brand, business or artistic portfolio.

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