About Ellyse Trethric​

Ellyse (she/her) joined Amberfi in early 2022 because she saw an opportunity to bring inclusion, equality, and educational integrity to the Web3 space. Before coming on board as Amberfi’s director of marketing & community, she was the CMO & creative director of two major beauty brands, founder of her own successful Cannabidiol line, and president of a large nonprofit that gave an incredible platform for those with adaptive needs to share their triumphs and experiences with the world.

Ellyse is an artist through and through, from having immense passions for poetry, singing, and micro-art to writing a book and having inventions in the patent process. She and her wife are ceramicists during their off time in their home studio. She received her bachelor’s in 3D animation and simulation along with certifications in architecture & engineering. Earlier, Ellyse became a trained chef from the Natural Gourmet Institute in NYC and interned in Iron Chef Morimoto’s kitchen.

Hobbies: Ellyse is also a self-taught graphic designer, product & lifestyle photographer, video editor, director, scriptwriter, and storyboarder. She is passionate about mental health advocacy, a good work-life balance, sustainable living, home-grown food, and giving their golden retriever all the attention he asks for.