About us

At Amberfi — a project of Cerulean Blue — we’ve assembled a team of creatives, technologists, NFT enthusiasts, veterans of the art world, designers, decentralized finance professionals, and others with a shared vision: to enable artistic expression, to support newcomers to the NFT space and to lift up every voice.

In our model, power flows to the creative community. Creatives will be able to sell their works at auction. Smart contracts will spell out both parties’ rights on the blockchain. At the creative’s option, resales of the work could trigger a royalty payment.

Fans will receive unique works that they can store or display on any site or in the metaverse. We’re working on extending NFTs into new directions with new capabilities.

Creatives win. Collectors win. 

We love this new emerging ecosystem. But we’ll try to keep the insidery techie jargon about NFTs, blockchain, and crypto to a minimum. 😄 

Check out our blog and please get in touch – we’d love to hear from you!